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• Feb 9, 2019 - 06:40

In Musescore 3, I want to have multi-measure rests in one of the parts, but I want individual multi-measure rests to look like regular whole rests. However, I can only find a way to have only Multi-measure rests or Whole Rests throughout the whole song. Is there a way to turn an individual multi-measure rest into whole rests?


Unless you've set the minimum multimeasure rests to 1 you can't replace one multimeasure rest with one whole rest. To turn one individual multimeasure rest into a series of whole rests first disable multimeasure rests, then right click all those measures you want to show whole rests and in the measure properties tick "break multimeasure rest", then enable them again

This might be a bit of a pain, but you can right click on a measure, then select the "measure properties" option in the drop down menu. That opens up a dialogue box. In that box there's a tick box called "break multimeasure rest." If you do this for every measure you want to be a whole rest, then you'll have what I think you're describing.

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My problem is a little different, but I thought "Break Multimeasure Rest" would be the solution. Unfortunately it made no difference. I have an orchestral score. All the instrument parts have multimeasure rests, but the musicians are complaining that they're too long (33 measures or 56 measures). They want the multimeasures broken up into more digestible sets (like 8 or 12). The only way I can see doing that is adding double barlines every 12 measures, but then that screws up the conductor's score. I wish there was a way to set the maximum limit for a multimeasure rest.

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Multimeasure rests are automatically broken at "significant" points. I would suggest adding a rehearsal mark or double bar where a break is convenient, e.g. end of phrase. The players should be able to hear ends of phrases and reset their counting if they get out.

Another possible aid if your players have difficulty counting is to add cues from instruments that are playing to their parts.

If you are the conductor, you could just fix them with your steely glare and give them a suitable nod/wave/twitch just before their entry. But who ever looks at a conductor?

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I've got it now. Thank you. It took me a while to wrap my head around the procedure. It might be easier to have a choice of setting a maximum (like 8 or 12 measures) for multimeasure rests and having the software calculate that automatically, rather than having to count out specific measures, right clicking and then breaking the rests. I found myself miscounting the measures and having to redo it a few times to get it right.

Another peculiar thing I've found is that when turning on the handy "Show measure number range", I get weird results. In the file I've attached, notice it lists the 20th measure range as 206-20. And I'm not sure what those odd percentage markings are.

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