musescore 3 to 2?

• Feb 4, 2019 - 17:05

I thought I created a score in 2 but it shows only in 3. Is there a way to convert it back to 2. (I don't like the newer version.) Thanks.


You can export the file in MusicXLM format to open it with version 2.
You say "I don't like the newer version"
Can you provide concretely two or three (or more) examples of things you don't like, that disturb you, that you don't understand, etc. ?

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Great. Thank you.
Regarding 3: Start Center-there are not as many options on initial page
But many of my objections have to do with change. I have spent hours on various programs re-learning updates which change where things are located. It's a question of time and frustration.
Ex: "Tools" (system breaks), Arpeggios and breaths/pauses - not on palette .
I'm sure it's a better program but after spending time learning, making notes, getting assistance from so many helpful people - it's good to just enjoy using what I know to do.

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I can provide one very concrete example. Musescore 3 messes with my headphone jack. If I plug in headphones all sound output from Musescore stops and/or the headphone jack doesn't work in Musescore - and the headphones don't work in some but not all other apps that output sound. I have to reset the Audio, which is a hassle. Plus, for my use of Musescore I really don't see the improvements in 3. I want to go back to Musescore 2 which is going to be a hassle because I took some time to convert my Musescore 2 files to 3. And now I have to convert them back. I love Musescore - thank you! - but 3 isn't working for me. I want to be able to put headphones on and play along to practice or record. One additional thing I will say is that I got Musescore 3 about the time I started using the Zoom video conferencing app. When MS3 breaks the headphone jack it doesn't work in Zoom. I've tried searching the connection online but haven't come up with anything. Just fyi, I've used Musescore 2 for several years on a 2012 15" MacBook Pro. About six months ago I created a Bootcamp partition with Windows 10 where I recently loaded Musescore 3. I'm either going back to 2 on the Mac partition or loading 2 on the win10 partition. Is there a tool for batch converting MS3 files to musicxml?

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MuseScore should not affect the behavior of Zoom or any other application, whatever is going on with that is probably unrelated. It is true that if you change audio devices after starting MuseScore, you often need to tell MsueScore to use the new device, same with Zoom on my system and same with MuseScore 2. Anyhow, attempting to go back to MuseScore 2 will surely take a hundred times longer to clean up from than the time it takes to occasionally change the device in MuseScore 3.

I like the new version fine. But as all new software, it has new bugs. I have a score that needs to be done ASAP! It worked fine in version 2, but bugs in version 3 are keeping it from working correctly (weirdness with auto-arrange trying to deal with hairpins and repeat signs). I just want to print it out, but I accidentally said OK to the "change" to version 3 and then hit save when it prompted me upon exiting my session.


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Version 3.1 has far less problems than 3.0.5 and the performance is much superior in almost all areas (automatic placement, playback, customization of the environment, etc.).
There is some incompatibility between versions, that's true, so I suggest to keep a copy of the scores engraved with previous versions, and an installation of the last version where they worked as expected. Scores (especially saved as MSCZ) occupy really so little space that keeping one or more backup versions shouldn't be much of a problem

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In general, the differences you are seeing are probably not bugs but changes as a result of the tremendous improvements in layout in MuseScore 3, but this can unfortunately mean that scores containing many manual adjustments will look different. So indeed, if your goal is just to print the score, it would be easier if you still had the MsueScore 2 version to load there. Did you check for the backup version - see Also if you're on Windows, you may be able to restore an older version via OneDrive.

Meanwhile, though, if you attach your score here we can show you how easy it usually is to update to look better than ever in MuseScore 3.1.

I was struggling to get back to 2 version and finally found easy way. When you click on 3 version file it asks you how you would like it to be open (and it’s only version 3 available). Then you click on More Apps and scroll down the list to find Musescore 2. Just click on it and your Musescore 3 file will be open in 2 version. At least, it worked for me in pc. You need to have Musescore 2 installed and Musescore 3 uninstalled.

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That won't actually work, not if the score was actually saved in MuseScore 3. If the file opens successfuly in MuseScore 2 for you, then it wasn't a MsueScore 3 file at al. And FWIW, uninstalling MuseScore is definitely not needed or advised - both programs happily coexist, so you can take advantage of the tremendous improvements in MuseScore 3 for new scores but still use MuseScore to open older scores if they woud require too much work to adjust for MuseScore 3.

I have a problem with 3! I can't find a way to import examples into Libreoffice. Is there a way? Otherwise, I'll be trying to get back to version 2.

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See my previous comment. You no longer need the extension; it's obsolete now. Just use the Image Capture tool. This was possible in MuseScore 2 also, but it didn't have the fancy "copy with link to score" feature, so you couldn't just click the image in LibreOffice and have it automatically open the corresponding MuseScore file. Now you can, so no need for an extension. The extension, BTW, also doesn't work in recent versions of LibreOffice - they changed too much about how extensions work.

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