Greater control over header, footer, and page and score formatting

• Feb 2, 2019 - 06:23
  • The Ability to have individual page control of header and footers and formatting for each page
    -Section based headers and footers
    -In general make musescore better for formatting multi movement pieces or collections of pieces
    -Ability to auto generate instrument parts on the title page
    -an automatic way to make a dedicated title page
    -Other beginning performance notes ect. to be a easier as quick as it is to put a title in
  • More options with frames
    -Movement of frames
    -Text and formatting with frames

The ability to turn off frames, text, performance notes, ect. on parts. Rather than having to delete the pre-amble to make your parts

-The ability to have a larger number of staves per page would also be nice without collisions

Well I understand musescore is often defended as not being a text editor. I believe that it is very close to being a complete package for score formatting and Just needs a few more features to make making a full score easy in musescore.

Thanks for all your work!
Thank you
Liam G. Morley


Can you explain what you mean about larger number of staves per page? You mean something other than the controls already given over staff size and distances?

Also, how would you envision moving frames working?

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Basically some tools to make it easier when making full scores for large ensembles without collisions. This is something that the auto placement still struggles. So tools or adjustments that you can make to fit many staves per page without collisions.

I'm not even fully sure how the final form for frames would look. but just more tools for placement of frames and making title pages and possible at the bottom of pages for notes ect. At the moment I find the whole frames and text movement and resizing kinda clunky.

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