Halving the time signature

• Sep 18, 2009 - 00:08

I'm using 0.9.5 in Ubuntu.
I've got a piece that starts with a couple of bars of 16-16. I want to halve these (for aesthetic purposes) to be four bars of 8-16. However, when I change the time signature at the first bar, 1 bar disappears completely and I'm also left with a whole bunch of 3s (from above my triplets) spilling onto the next page.


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Unfortunately, no.
I don't want to make any changes to the score other than how a few bars are segmented. But once I start making changes to the time signature near the beginning of the score, or even start inserting measures, inexplicable things happen further along - like incorrect time changes within bars (although these bars should not be affected). I'm unable to treat measures in isolation.
It doesn't seem to be a bug I can clearly explain. Like I said, it may just be too complex.

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