Why does MuseScore want to connect to mc.yandex.ru?

• Jan 31, 2019 - 14:44


I noticed that MuseScore tries to connect to mc.yandex.ru

I was wondering what this connection is for.



Some sites uses Yandex Metrica as analysis tool (similar to Google Analytics).
Musescore uses a web-engine (webKit) in "Start-Center" (F4 for Open; See right side).
Maybe this is the reason why you are seeing those requests (from web engine).

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Since the information and announcements shown on the right side of the "Start-Center" are a (sort of) web page, and there is an automatically generated tracking-code on the web page (most likely from a php script), the webKit engine is also receiving this link.

Don't need to look for deeper meanings here (spying, etc.), I think.

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