Can you help me to choose the right time signature?

• Jan 30, 2019 - 20:14

Hi everybody. I'm trying to transcribe this song especially the piano part, and here's the thing: The time signature appears to be composed of 4/4 + 6/4, so it would really be one bar 4/4 and the other bar 6/4. I'm not sure it's the best way to put it in this way because it would really change the time signature for each bar which is unnecessary since it's quite steady throughout actually. So should i just put 5/2 as a time signature?
Pardon if this is a bit off topic but I still think you can help me out since it's still sheet music we're talking about, and plus I'm transcribing with musescore.

Do you think 5/2 (or 10/4, I really wouldn't know the difference, maybe 10/4 would be more suited) would fit well? I'm doubtful because these way single bars are really long, but maybe that's still more reasonable than the first way (4/4+6/4).


Funny, I'm on the forum today, trying to transcribe another YouTube video..

I found this
Indeed, the key signature shifts 6/4 to 4/4. I wonder if you can make one section and copy it over and over?
I'm a newb, hope someone who knows what they are doing can actually help you.

I am using linux, and had some luck extracting the music from the video, converting it to midi, and loading it into musecore. However, the time signature and bar lines are not what I want.

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hi, thanks for your time. Yes technically I could make one section of 6/4 and 4/4 and copy it over and over, but apart from one spot where a 6/4 it's substituted by a 5/4 the timing it's pretty steady so I'm not sure it makes perfect sense to repeat this change of rhythm over and over.
Especially I think it could be a little stressing for the performer.

I was wondering about which of the two, music theory-wise would make more sense.

Thanks for your opinion :)

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