Reference notes

• Jan 28, 2019 - 01:17

Hi everyone! Marc, if you're seeing this, I was a student in your music theory class at University of Denver 6 years ago and still using MuseScore!

My question is about reference notes. I want to write in small notes above the staff indicating accents on a horn line, that are not to be played but only as reference for the keys player who has rhythm slashes at this point. I want to be able to indicate these accents around the rhythm slashes, but it keeps putting the notes where it thinks they should go and doesn't allow me to drag them left or right. Easy fix?



If the only issue is to move the notes left or right, you have to use the inspector to move them. Last I saw Marc was at a conference.

Hi! Yes, I was at a conference last week, actually two different conferences the last two weeks. And, this is crazy - while in Belgium for the second, I ran into another former DU student of mine who was sightseeing!

To give a little more info on what I think you are trying to do, the "howto" above has good info even though it mentions drums instead of keys. The short version is, enter the "hits" in voice 1, exchange them to voice 3, then toggle rhythmic slash notation, then fill with slashes. If you already have the slashes, it could be easiest to delete them first, but you could also enter the notes for the hits into voice 3 first, then use View / Selection Filter to exclude voice 1 from the selection, then select and toggle rhythmic slash notation.

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