Custom Instruments LSB/MSB values or MIDI Program Change - Modify/Disable?

• Jan 27, 2019 - 03:06

Hello All,

I have a question and possibly a follow up question. I'm able to get MuseScore to play through my Yamaha MODX keyboard using it's internal sounds BUT:

  1. Is there any way to modify/create custom instruments on MuseScore that correlate to specific instruments sounds (ie MIDI program change, MSB, and LSB values) on the keyboard? I've tried mucking with the "instrument.xml" file and was only able to modify the program change, not the MSB or LSB. Is there a specific syntax I can add to an instrument in that file?

  2. If not, can I disable MuseScore from sending the initial Program Change in the first place. That way I can create a performance with all the appropriate channels mapped and sounds all ready on the keybaord and just have MuseScore "play" the performance.

Thanks So Much!


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This is a great feature; it was easy to select tones on the Roland FP-7F by creating Instrument definitions with appropriate Channel tags in a secondary XML file.

One question: when exporting to a MIDI file, only the Program Change message is written at the start of each track; the Bank Select MSB and LSB messages are omitted. As a result, when the file is played back on the FP-7F, the wrong tones are selected. Is it possible to also write the two Bank Select messages?

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Tried it, to no avail. Then after some research learned the following:
Bank Select MSB is controller 0
Bank Select LSB is controller 32

RPN MSB is controller 101
RPN LSB is controller 100

i.e., it appears that Bank Select and RPN are different animals.

Reading through the MIDI spec, Bank Select, as expected, is used in conjunction with Program Change to expand the number of different instrument sounds which may be specified.

Registered parameter numbers (RPN), on the other hand, apparently refer to functions like pitch bend sensitivity, fine tuning, coarse tuning, etc.

It's not a huge deal, since the workaround is to simply load the MIDI file into an editor and manually insert the bank select events; it would just be more convenient if those were exported from Musescore when an instrument has them specified in its Channel element in the XML file.

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