Ties in guitar tablature

• Jan 25, 2019 - 20:27

As it is now, when using a notation staff that's linked to a guitar tab staff, there's a strange behavior happening when I use a tie. The tie shows up in tab, but the number following the tie doesn't show up. (See attached score.)

What should happen is that neither the tie nor the second (tied) number should show in the tab at all, as this has been the standard in the guitar tab world for decades. (If you look at just about any published book of guitar tab, you won't see any ties in the tab at all.)

In other words, it should look like the attached PDF file.

Is there a way to change this default behavior so that the tie is not shown in the tab?

If not, I would say this definitely needs to be added in the next upgrade.


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Yes, thank you. That is a very good and quick workaround.

Just wonder why it defaults to that in the first place. I mean, it seems as if it were going to show the tie, it would show what's tied to it. That wouldn't be consistent with the rest of the guitar tab world, but it would likely look less bizarre than the way it is now.

Nevertheless, I guess I should suggest this in the Feature Request section if no one else has?

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I can see that for the OP a different set of defaults would make sense but for me as a TAB only reader, (i.e. no notation stave to view ties), then "show ties but not fret number" is a good default. I don't want to see the "tied to" fret number as it's not going to need a string plucked, but I need the tie so that I know to sustain the note.

Perhaps MuseScore could be enhanced to allow any of these combinations as the user selectable defaults:

1) Show ties but not fret number
2) Show ties and fret number
3) Hide ties and fret number

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you get the 1st if you use the simple tablature, the 2nd one if you you use the next tablature down (in German allgemeine Tab) . The workaround to make teh ties invisble in the end for the 3rd possibility doesn´t seem to complicated and you don´t miss the possibillity to go back to 1 or 2

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