• Jan 24, 2019 - 02:05

When saving a score or us "Save As" Musescore always chooses folder C:\Users\Me\Documents\MuseScore3\Scores
I don't use this folder and furthermore have many different folders where I put my Scores.
Clicking Save or "Save As" on an open score should always result in offering to save the Score in the folder where the open score resides - that is the folder you are currently working in.
Clicking Save or "Save As" on a new score should offer to save it in the last folder that Musescore saved a file. This makes sense because of work flow inertia - people tend to do a few things in one folder, then a few things in the next folder, etc.


"... people tend to do a few things in one folder, then a few things in the next folder, etc."
I do 100% agree with you, and the current MuseScore behaviour seems very frustrating to me.
So +1 for your suggestion.

FWIW, it is not true that MuseScore always chooses the default; it chooses the last used folder.

As for what people tend to do, different people tend to do different things at different times. For some workflows, the behavior you mention is better, for others, the current one is. Personally, I'm much more likely to keep saving new files to one folder, but I recognize others work differently.

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Also, though, the behavior was changed some time ago to work as suggested. That is, save as does not use the folder from which you opened the score, rather than the last-used folder. The folder listed in preferences is only used the very first time you create a new score within a session. Once you've saved anything at all, we continue to use the last-used folder for new scores.

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