Export Folder

• Jan 23, 2019 - 18:21

In Previous versions of Musescore, subsequent use of the Export function would open up the last folder used by that function, as indeed happens with Open, Save As and Save A Copy. However, in Musecore 3 it would appear that each time Export is invoked, it always opens up in the folder specified by the last Save As. This is very frustrating, as I want to export MP3 files to a considerably different location from where the MSCZ files are stored, and I have to navigate to my desired export destination each time. Is this a planned or unplanned deviation from Musescore 2?


Further investigation shows that the default Export folder is the one that the mscz file was loaded from. Surely if one makes the conscious decision to export to another folder, it would be more logical to remember that folder rather than forcing you back to the source folder? The same comments apply also to the Save As function.

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