Add "slide-chokes" to MDL

• Jan 21, 2019 - 22:09

it would be nice if the new MDL feature had "slide-chokes" (sometimes called sizz-sucks) for marching cymbals. It's basically when cymbal players slide their top cymbal out over the lower one, and then pull it back in creating a choke effect. This is something that is common in many drumlines, so I think it would make things a little easier when writing music.


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Here are two examples of how it is notated. The one with the tied notes are what my drumline uses. the "o" sign is where the slide choke begins, and the "+" sign is where it ends. The other form of notation is from a drumline I was going to tryout for.

If you need an example, the cymbals in this video link start doing "sizz-sucks" at around 1:20.

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