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• Jan 21, 2019 - 20:36

How do you change keys in the middle of the score?


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I will add that this section:

Replace an existing key signature
Replace key signature for all staves
Use any of the following methods:

Drag a key signature from the palette onto the key signature to be replaced (or onto the measure containing the key signature).

Select the key signature to be replaced, and click a new key signature in a palette (double-click in versions prior to 3.4).

produces a very non-intuitive result. It changes the key signature, but LEAVES ALL THE EXISTING NOTES WHERE THEY ARE. My expectation was that it would work like transposition.

If there's nothing entered in the measures yet, drag the new key into the first measure. If there are notes already, you need to use Tools->Transpose (Notes->Transpose in v 2).

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"And I will add that you have to first SELECT the notes, or else the "To Key" option is not available."

The "To key" is not available, simply because there is something (note, text, etc. that remains selected somewhere in the score) . This is a rather frequent case of misunderstanding about using this tool.
So, either:
1. Select all (Ctrl + A) -> Tools -> Transpose
2. In Normal mode: Escape (which allows you to deselect everything) -> Tools -> Transpose

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