Musescore 3.01: Can't decrease stretch for last nine bars, want to make the score fit on a single page

• Jan 20, 2019 - 21:26

See attached score.

I want to make the score fit onto a single page. As you can see, the second ending (consisting of five bars) is an "orphan" line on its own page. I'd like to decrease the Stretch for the last nine bars (1st ending and the 2nd ending) so both the 1st and 2nd endings are on a single line.

When I try select the last nine bars and try the Decrease Stretch command, nothing happens. I cannot increase or decrease the stretch. It looks like there's enough space to have the last nine bars on a single line (it will be tight, but readable.)

In Format/Style/Measure, I have the Minimum Measure Width set to 2.00sp (the smallest number it will allow) and I have the Spacing set to 1 (the smallest number it will allow.) I've attached a screenshot of my settings in the Format/Style/Measure menu.

How can I get these 9 measures to appear on a single line?

Thanks in advance!

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In reply to by Hugh R Heinsohn

I wasn't appended, it was inserted before the final line. Well, maybe you appended it and then added more measures, but it stays attached where you first added it. You need to wait until you are done adding measures before appending a frame if you want it at the end. Or else don't append measures after the frame but rather insert them before it.

As I mentioned though, the Footer is really the better way to add text at the bottom of a page.

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