Converting Musescore 3 to Musescore 2

• Jan 20, 2019 - 09:50

Good morning!
The new version (Musescore 3) works very bad and slowly and I would like to convert my new created file into Musescore 2. How can I do it? Here is this file.
I'm sorry for my english.
Thank you,
Ivan P

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Can you be more specific about the problem you are experiencing with this score? In general, MuseScore 3 should be at least as fast as MuseScore 2, and I don't see anything going noticeably slow with the score you attached, nor do I see any evidence of other problems aside from an easily-corrected glitch with the formatting of your custom-edited tempo text.

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Hi Marc, I'm experiencing something interesting. When I close musescore 3, it crashes. Not a huge deal because I am closing it anyway, but something interesting happens. Anything that has been auto saved is safe, but if I try to close it before saving I get the dialogue asking me if I want to save before I quit. I click save and then as musescore is quitting, it crashes almost immediately. Even though I clicked save, nothing that wasnt already auto saved will remains.

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I'm not a code contributor so I don't fix issues. However, from my experience, scores made by MuseScore that crash MuseScore are among the highest priority fixes. One of the code contributors will likely drop what he's doing to find a fix and get it deployed for the next release. No one can knowingly fix a crash if they don't have a score to reproduce the crash.

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I'm editing a Musescore 2 file at the moment, and it keeps crashing (I can send if nec). I've had a couple of similar issues in the recent past. I'm not entirely happy with Musescore 3, and it certainly doesn't seem to be able to handle Musescore 2 files well. Why is there a difference anyway?

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If you want us to investigate a problem, then yes, you need to attach your score.

To answer the more general question:

Enormous improvements in the default layout were made - it's called "automatic placement" - but it means that manual adjustments made in older versions - especially those made to work around deficiencies in those older versions - can turn out to be counterproductive. So indeed older scores might not look the same. Usually it's easy enough to update them, but you can also keep MuseScore 2 on your system for those scores, while continuing to take advantage of automatic placement and other improvements in MuseScore 3 for new scores.

This thread is from 2019. It is now 2021, but the problem remains the same. (for me at least) Musescore3 opens very slow, runs slow, playback is jumpy, and it stalls/crashes often. Musecore2 still runs fine, but any score I open in musecore3, even if no changes are made, refuses to open in musescore2. This is causing me much frustration and stifling my creativity. Its hard enough to get time to compose. Its maddening to finally get something worked out and lose it due to crash.

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I'm sorry to hear you're still having issues and didn't reach out sooner. Not that it's much of a consolation for you personally, but objectively speaking, MS3 runs at least as fast or faster for millions of users; so it would definitely be worth the effort to figure out why it isn't for you.

> "but any score I open in musecore3, even if no changes are made, refuses to open in musescore2."
That is just plainly impossible; if you don't explicitly save your score with MS3 and deliberately choose to overwrite the existing MS2 file, thus having acknowledged the warning you then got about overwriting the file then MuseScore 3 doesn't alter the file at all. Which means that it'll still open just the same in MS2.
If you do overwrite your file with the newer version, then yes, the older version will not be able to open it.

The first things to check with slow startup times:
* Is your default printer a networked printer and are you on Windows? Make sure the printer is actively available, if it isn't windows can take up to 2 mins before it answers MuseScore when it inquiries about installed printers during startup.
* Do you have any custom soundfonts? SFZ fonts are slow to load; as is having many sf3 soundfonts.
The default soundfont in MS3 is in the compressed sf3 format and gets unpacked upon startup (although this happens in the background, so MS can still start, but playback will be delayed until it is loaded). You could try using the sf2 version instead; which can be found in the online handbook Soundfont page
* Try a reset to defaults

Crashes of course should not happen
These are mostly caused by score corruptions, resulting in situations that MuseScore is not foreseen to handle correctly. Many of the reported situations have already been fixed since the MuseScore 3 initial release; so make sure you're up to date (currently 3.6.2 is the most recent stable release).
If you have a reliable way reproduce a crash; please open a forum topic and attach the score with steps to reproduce the crash. Chances are that some of the forum regulars can fix your score for you.

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