What's going on with adding crescendos and decrescendos on a single note?

• Jan 19, 2019 - 22:07

I know that this is a feature that has been requested many times before but i cannot find anything having been mentioned about it for at least a year. In the most recent forum posts i can find, which were from 2017, people suggested that it may happen when musescore 3 was released, but it didn't. Has the implementation of this feature just completely stalled in favor of other things?


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You know what would be good to have on the Musescore website: a status page / FAQ with a list of things people want (like single note crescendo/decrescendo, scroll bars, BFG9000 and so on) and the status of it, if any. Or maybe could say "under consideration" or "friggin' out of the question, get away from me" or something like that. That way, before people even post anything on the feature request, they can refer to the FAQ and see if their idea is already on the drawing board. If not, then they post. It might save you from having to repeat the same info.

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