Volta line properties missing?

• Jan 19, 2019 - 18:55

I need help locating the Volta Line Properties pop-up window shown in the MuseScore Handbook on page 101. Right clicking my volta does not offer "Line Properties" in the drop down. See attached image.

I have a score with three endings that is misbehaving on playback. I originally had separate voltas 1 and 2 in measures 23-26 separate, with a D.S. on measure 26 to jump to measure 31. Volta 3 on measures 27-30 would then end the song.

On playback, voltas 1 and 2 correctly jumped forward to the verse in measures 31-46. But playback stopped after the second verse at the repeat sign in measure 46 instead of repeating to get the 3rd ending.

My attempt to fix this deleted volta 2, intending to edit volta 1 with the Line Properties window in the handbook on page 101 to get two repeats as a combined volta 1-2. But right clicking on volta 1 (as shown in the screen shot) gives a drop down that does not offer "Line Properties" to open the window shown in the handbook.

I am running MuseScore on a Windows 10 PC, and MuseScore Handbook downloaded Jan 05 2019.

Please help. Thanks.

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Thank you Kuwitt.

I found Volta at the bottom of the inspector, and changed Repeat List from 1 to 1, 2. However it didn't fix the playback. It behaves exactly the same as when I had separate voltas 1 and 2 instead of a single volta with repeat list 1,2.

I expect this might be a design limitation in MuseScore, with logic that can't quite handle a score with endings and repeats in the form Intro - Chorus - End 1 - Verse 1 - Chorus - End 2 - Verse 2 - Chorus - End 3.

It would be really great if you have time to look at the PDF and MCSZ attachments to see if you have a solution that will play the score as written. I am trying to create a rehearsal file to be used by a college voice class.

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Thanks Jojo.

You are correct -- setting the last measure play count to 3 corrected my problem.

Getting past that problem created a new problem: Volta 3 ends with a Final barline, but playback is continuing past that final barline into the verse. The verse is only supposed to play after voltas 1 and 2.

I've reattached the PDF with my new MCSZ again. Thanks again in advance for any further trouble-shooting.

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Thanks all looking at this. Case closed. Original problem solved by editing last measure of repeat to play three times.

The remaining issue is a totally different problem. I am posting a new thread with a trivial example.

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