V3 glitch: imported v2 triplet bar

• Jan 18, 2019 - 19:12

Strictly FWIW: There appears to be a slight error when importing a V2.x file with quarter note triplets into V3: the triplet bar is off by a bit. (Jpg screen capture attached.)

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My guess is that you had applied some manual adjustment to the triplet, and since the default have changed in MuseScore 3, you will need to reset those manual adjustments. This should have happened when you imported the score and accepted the offer to reset, but I notice that option doesn't seem to apply to triplets. So you'll have to click it and press Ctrl+R.

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Still, I'd recommend the reset. Relying on manual adjustments unnecessarily just sets you up for the same thing happening the next time default layout gets improved. Use manual adjustments when needed, but avoid them when not. Also, you can reset them all at once - right-click one, Select / All Similar Elements, Ctrl+R.

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