Extra key signatures appearing after transpose.

• Jan 18, 2019 - 15:37

I have transposed the whole of a piano piece from g# minor to b minor. In addition to apperaing at the beginning of each system, the new key signature also appears at the beginning of seemingly random bars within the piece. I cannot delete them. The navigator shows an option to show courtesy key signatures. It is ticked, and will not untick. I think the additional key signatures are at bard that began systems under the old key signature, which took up more space. Inserting line breaks at these places leaves courtesy key signatures at the end of the previous system. Again "show courtesy key signatures" is ticked and will not untick. does anyone know how to remove these extra key signatures? Thank you.


Found the answer. Although "show courtesy key signatures" will not untick in Navigator for individual instances, it will untick in Format /Style/Page, which removes all of them.

Well, I thought I had this solved. In the navigator I could untick Automatic Placement, then right click on the unwanted key signature and delete it. Unfortunately, after the latest update this no longer works. as the problem seems to be related to automatic Placement, is there a way of turning this off all the time?

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The problem is not related to automatic placementI. It may well be that deleting the key signature works in some cases, but it doesn't in all, and automatic placement has no bearing on this. That is, if deleting works, it will work with or ithout automatic placement, and the same is true of the cases where it doesn't work.

My workaround to this problem is to go to each spurious key signature and add the same key signature to that bar from the key signature palette. This causes no visible change on the score, but now the key signature can be deleted.

I've noticed this when copying one part to another part through a key change where the key change ends up showing twice (on every part)... but it's not really there. Deleting the "extra" one will delete the key change altogether and leaving it in but saving, closing and opening and the double disappears.

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So, Format / Style / Page, turn off courtesy signatures, save, reload, then turn them back on. Now your score is fixed.

If that doesn't solve it, or if you manage to reproduce this on a score that was not originally created (and thus broken) by an older version, please attach your score so we can investigate further.

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The bug was fixed long ago. It’s just as we’ve been saying, scores that were already damaged by earlier buggy versions still need to be repaired. Now that you’ve repaired yours, you won’t see that problem again in that score. But if you have other scores that were also damaged previously, you will still need to repair those.

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