Advice on migrating to v3.0?

• Jan 18, 2019 - 14:48

I dl'ed v3.0, and like it quite a bit. Kudos to the developers! As I haven't found any significant problems, I would like to migrate my current scores to the latest version. I've already modified the preferences and soundfonts in v3.0, as well as several other minor features to suit my workflow and style. Is there anything else? Is there anything to worry about in opening v2.x files in v3.0, with the popup asking about automatic placement of elements? In trial cases, saying 'no' left my score in perfect condition. Just curious.



Yes, I, too need help migrating. My saved styles are no longer valid. The English-language handbook on the website seems to be in Portuguese. The search within handbook 3 keeps returning nothing found, while searching handbook 2 works very well. I can no longer find Style>Edit>General Style. All in all, I'd say that version 3 has been released without proper testing.

The Portuguese mistake will be fixed when an administrator sees it and fixes it. It should be fixed before you read this.

When transferring files from 2 to 3 I believe it's very important to keep them in separate folders since there is no way to tell them apart otherwise. If you have room on your hard drive keep your version 2 scores in case you discover a disastrous bug in version 3. There are probably still a few of those that need fixed.

For the styles, I suggest that you open a score you like from v2 in v3 and tell it not to reset anything. Make sure everything is back to how you like it and save the style in a place for version 3 styles and/or scores. You can then load that style when you import a v2 file to make things a little easier.

My personal advice is to not be in a hurry to import everything. I say this because you will no doubt learn better techniques as you become more familiar with the new features and new layout algorithms, plus the algorithms are continuing to be tweaked anyhow. So I'd start gradually, with some smaller projects, and as you gain confidence, then you can work your way toward bigger projects. That's how I handled migrating from MuseScore 1 to MuseScore 2, and how I've been working so far using MsueScore 3.

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I have opted to add "MS3" to the name of all files I have imported into V3 and saved. Seems to work for the time being. One of the things I'm a bit worried about in my operations, is that I edited V3's preferences to point to soundfonts in the V2 folder, as set up during installation. At some point, I will delete V2 from my computer, and I'll have to remember to move those soundfonts, maybe other files associated with V2 that are also being used by V3. I don't know if it's possible, but I for one would welcome a dialog during V3 setup that allows for copying of such files from previous versions. No biggie if that's not possible, it's just a thought.

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You can use your operating system and copy the files from the location for version 2 to the location of soundfonts for version 3 and point both versions at that folder. You never need to delete version 2, but if you decide to it won't affect your sound fonts then.

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