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• Jan 18, 2019 - 07:39

I just got Musescore 3. It's great, but I can't seem how to figure out how to transfer my Musescore 2 files to Musescore 3. Is there a way?


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I have 2.3.2 on my old laptop and 3.2.3 on my new laptop (the OS of the old laptop couldn't handle 3.0). Almost all my files are in 2.3.2. I know this more of a general computer question (and an ignorant one at that), but is there a good way to transfer them directly to the new laptop or would it be better to upload everything to the Musescore site and re-download them?

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If you are on Windows, by far the simplest thing is to let OneDrive copy all of your Documents over for you. Then all you need to do is rename or copy your MuseScore2 folder to MuseScore3.amd you're good to go.

Otherwise, use a flash drive to copy the files, far faster and easier than saving them all online and then downloading them by one.

Just installed Musescore 3. Opened all my Musescore 2 files with Musescore 3 and now find that all the files have been distorted and not quite as they appeared on the page originally. I can now NOT open these files with Musescore 2. Can I do something to get them back to the way they were on Musescore2 without spending hours adjusting them to suit Musescore 3.

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Can you explain what you mean by "distorted"? Probably best to open a new thread and attach the specific score you are having trouble with. Most likely it is a matter of the greatly improved default layout making your previously-applied manual adjustments no longer make sense, and you may need to reset it or redo it, or just keep using 2.3.2 for those specific scores, while taking advantage of the greatly improved layout for new scores.

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I am finding a similar problem with the above statement of 'distorted audio.' My piece is for a string quartet and when I press play in Musescore 3, I hear only one of the four voices and it is not a stringed instrument, it is harpsichord. This string quartet piece was originally a Musescore 2 file that I just opened on Musescore 3.

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Most likely in MuseScore 2 you had installed some non-standard (General MIDI being the standard) soundfont that you have yet to install in MuseScore 3. In order to say more, we'd need more info. Attaching the score would help, but you might also try View / Synthesizer in both versions to see if that yields any clues as to the soundfonts you are using.

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Hi Marc, thank you! I am actually unable to open Musescore 2 since installing Musescore 3.. Don't exactly know why...But in another piece, which was also created in Musescore 2, the sounds are fine. When looking in the View/Synthesizer window on both of the pieces, they match between the two, even though the one does not play most of the parts and sounds like a harpsichord.

EDIT: I found that in the Mixer even though the instruments were labeled violin, viola, etc, the sounds were all set to either harpsichord or grand piano. Upon fixing each instrument 'sound', now all of the parts play and sound like strings!

Thank you for your time! :)

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