Need an instrumantion page and a cover (scenario) page

• Jan 18, 2019 - 01:40

There is a multi movement dramatic piece (ballet) for which I need both an instrumentation page and a scenario page (to explain the setting and action.) The piece is completed on V 2.3.2. How can I add these two (or three) pages to the beginning?


Insert a (e.g. vertical) frame at the top of your first page, click on it, then double click a page break from the Breaks & Spacers palette.
This will create an empty page containing the inserted frame.
Click on the newly inserted frame and insert another frame, add a page break, to produce a second empty page.

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Behold the first empty page. The title there is of Scene one. I want to overwrite with the title, scenario and instrumentation of the entire work, then add a page for scene one. I dragged down the existing frame to fill the entire page. Then ...all I want to do is have Times New Roman, italic and bold, and begin typing. I'm clicking and double clicking to no avail What is wrong?

This is V 2.3.2

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For mixing LibreOffice documents with PDFs there is also LOSA:
It is a LibreOffice document that can combine PDFs into a final PDF-Export if you have installed the free tool called pdftk.
Every now and then I mention it but it is mostly for more complex projects and you should be used to work with LibreOffice's Page- and paragraph-styles.

(Aiuto! Look how I spelled instrumentation!)

Thanks. I forgot to mention - The piece has 15 staves, so the first page is blank. How could I utilize this page for instrumentation

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