Problem with Instrument Change

• Jan 17, 2019 - 19:04

Windows 10 Home
MuseScore 2.3.2, Revision 4592407.

I will try to describe in detail:
I'm creating an Instrument Change on a cello staff, as follows:
1) I select a note, press Palettes, Text, Instrument. Right click on the word Instrument and choose "Change Instrument" to Viola.
Everything OK. The sound has changed to viola, as expected. On the Mixer, under the triad "Vcello, Vcello-pizz., Vcello tremolo" (which was already there), a new one appears, in which the Sound for Cello has turned to "Viola" (as expected).
2) After a few notes I create a new Instrument Change the same way, and return to the Vcello sound. Everything works fine.
3) Some measures later, I repeat everything for a new Change to Violin sound (for a high note that sounds awkward with the cello sound). And then I return to the Cello again.
I press play, it all goes well, so I carry on with my composition.
4) I create a fourth in the row Instr Change to Violin and back-to-Cello, which I later erase, deciding not to keep it.
5) Finally, I right-click on the Viola and choose "Change Instrument" to Violin for it as well.
… Sorry if I'm being over-analytic, but I guess I have to.
In this way I have consecutively changed from Cello to: Violin - Cello - Violin - Cello again.
The Mixer showed FIVE cellos (In a row: Cello with sound cello - violin - cello - violin - cello), which is correct.
THE MAIN PROBLEM OCCURED when, at some point, while playing back my score, instead of the violin it started playing the viola, neglecting all the consecutive changes to cello and violin. It kept on as a viola till the end!
I pressed "Change Inst" again on each Change, chose the right instruments all over again, it played well for a while, but suddenly the viola sound was back again!

I DELETED all Instr Changes, the sound turned to Cello throughout the staff, but (oddly) the Mixer kept showing THREE Cellos (In a row: Cello with sound violin - cello - cello), which again is certainly puzzling!!

If you please, how do I get rid of these false Cello appearances in the Mixer, and how do I get to have the correct sounds using the Instr. Change mode?
What on earth is going wrong?
Thank you for your time.


Normal and by design, violins, violas, chellos etc have these 3 channels, normal (arco), pizzicatonand tremolo, so you can switch between them as needed
Try MuseScore 3(.0.1), there the mixer by default only shows the main channel

Instrument changes should work between Cello, violin and viola just like it does for any other instrument. Instrument changes mean the same musician is going to play each of the different instruments. I can't imagine what you describe as being intended for one musician.

Perhaps if you attach the score it will be clearer what you are trying to do, and someone can advise you how to fix the issues.

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