Palette Suggestion

• Jan 16, 2019 - 05:30

A very simple request, but for some reason, I feel it a necessary one.
Please consider changing the palette name "Lines" to be called "Phrasing" instead. This name seems more fitting and more specific than simply "Lines," which is generic and a bit vague. Sometimes I mix up Barlines and Lines, think hairpins are in other palettes, or think 1st/2nd endings are in Frames & Measures.
This would add some further clarity.
Again, not really a major change, and rather cosmetic at best. Nonetheless, I think it'd do the app justice.
Thanks for all your hard work!


I agree "Lines" isn't very descriptive. However, "Phrasing" is not accurate - neither voltas nor ottavas nor trills have anything to do with phrasing, and really, pedal and hairpin only "sort of" do.

FWIW, the actual distinction here is that while most other palettes have elements that apply to a single note only and are fixed in size and shape, the elements on this palette have both a start and end note and thus change size and shape accordingly. So in actual geometry terms, they are "lines" rather than "points", if that helps.

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