BUG: Changing Tempo in Play Panel

• Jul 23, 2014 - 19:10

Dear developers,

First of all thank you for the great software. It is really great.

Both stable and night build version suffer from this bug. I have attached a file for the particular score where this bug appears. I do not know why.

Stable version:

I go to DISPLAY then PLAY PANEL. Reduce the tempo to 50% and press play. Everything is fine. Now if I reduce the tempo a second time, or if I increase it to a different value lets say 60%, then during the play-back, it gets stack every time it finds a "end repeat" bar line :|| . The same thing happens, if instead of changing the tempo a second time I choose Shuffle to keep repeating the track.

Night-build version:
Same story here but the bug appears at the first time I change the TEMPO slider. In this case it does not play all measures when it hits a "end repeat" bar line :|| but it may arbitrarily starts some measure from its middle.

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Pentozalis.mscz 2.46 KB

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