Second stanza of lyric suddenly (in mid-phrase) will only go into first or third stanza's line

• Jan 15, 2019 - 07:54

Hi, I was entering the words to the second stanza and I had a gap of 3 measures (which worked fine when typing the first stanza) full of chords. When I was past that and tried to resume typing the second stanza, the cursor jumped to the first stanza's line and wanted to type on top of the word already there. I tried Control, L, to see if I could work around the problem and now instead of going to the first stanza's line, it dropped down on the third stanza's line (which had nothing in it, yet). I could not persuade it to go to the second line.


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I don't know where the "reset to default arrow(s)" could be found. Please advise, so I will know in the future. The Ctrl+R did not work as expected, but got there in the end, sort of: When I did that, it put the "We" down in the 2nd stanza's line, not the first line, where it belonged. I clicked and dragged it up to the first line, even moving it above that (2nd try) and hit Ctrl+R and back to the second line it went. Left it there, clicked the note and hit Ctrl+L and typed in the work again and it again went to the third line, as it had been doing when I first wrote in. So I went back to the last word I had written before that, in t he first line, space-barred through the chords where there are no words and when it got to where the words resumed, it was in the proper place and allowed me to type there. Then I just deleted that word from the second line and typed in the correct word. Roundabout, but, as I said, it got there. Thanks.

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FYI, "We" in you original file is in verse 2. You probably pressed ctrl+L then hit enter to move the cursor to verse 2. Accident? Automatic response? Probably one of those reasons. The reason what you tried worked is that you finally deleted the word from verse 2 and entered it in verse 1 where you wanted it.

The only way I can tell it's in verse 2 is I right clicked it and chose select>more... and it gave me the option of the rest of the lyrics in verse 2. When you have existing lyrics on a note, pressing ctrl+L always takes you to the next verse after the last lyrics, so your cursor kept going to verse 3. As reported above it was moved and made identifying the verse even more difficult.

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Actually, I entered the "We" back into verse 1 before I deleted it in verse 2. Originally, I had already typed in all of verse 1 before I started on verse 2. When I got to the point where I was going to type in the word in verse 2 that was under the "We" of verse 1, (that is, I had written in the previous word, hit the space bar to move to the next word, the one that would be under "we"), instead of going to the space under "We", the word "we" turned blue. At that point, the "We" looked perfectly in position, in line one. It was only after I started wrestling with getting verse two to type that the "We" dropped down to halfway between the two lines. Weird. But it is fixed, now, so thanks for the tip on the Ctrl+R.

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