Save MSCZ file to send as a recording in email

• Jan 14, 2019 - 15:38

I'd like to send recordings of my Musescore files from the mscz format in emails. Can't find how to do this in the on-line handbook. Any info/help would be appreciated. Not in geek speak, please; music I'm fine with, but techie stuff I'm not!

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Export as MP3, attach that to an email? Still these tend to be quite big.
Save online (on and share the link might be the better option, there the receiver can see and hear it and download score and MP3 (and MusicXML and...)
Export as MIDI and sent that might work too, sound isn't great, but file is small(er than MP3)

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MIDI is not useful for this purpose. How can the sender possibly know what tools the recipient has to render it, and what it will sound like? MIDI is for programs, experts, and 30 years ago. "Playing" MIDI on the mac, for one (without MuseScore) is ill-defined (I write as the author of a suite of MIDI tools). The OP specifically asks for "recordings". MP3, for better or worse, roughly a megabyte a minute.

Just read your question from 2019.

I may have misunderstood your question, but I have put all our choir's scores on to MuseScore. I send these files as an attachment to email. It relies on choir members installing MuseScore on to their computers to play them (they can't play them on iPad or mobile device).

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