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• Jan 13, 2019 - 13:19

Hi all! Importing MIDI files It will be nice to have the capability to turn tracks directly into staves and/or set track-to-staff-list as in Finale, but I'm not able to find the way to do it with MuseScore, can someone help me? My brother, who's using Finale, is kidding me!
Thanks so much!

(Finale screenshot about these options attached)

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I'm not quite sure what capability you are missing - MuseScore already converts tracks to staves and provides controls. Can you attach a specific MIDI file you are having issues with, and describe the problem more precisely?

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Hi Marc, thanks for the answer, currently I'm not home so I'll search to explain with a simple example: If I have a MIDI file with 1st track with piano chords on channel 1 and 2nd track with some other instrument playing single notes or even chords (as a guitar solo o violin) on channel 1 too Musescore imports it as a double staff and not as two single staves as it really should be. Finale imports a file like that (using the tracks to staves option) as two distinct staves, one track - one staff independently from channels used (but also allows to create a staff from a channel). I think the import options offered by Finale are much more flexible, as you can see from the online manual. I mainly work with Logic Pro creating MIDI tracks that I export to create the scores. waste time to separate the double staves and edit the score to bring the various notes that are on different voices in their place is not nice. ;)

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From what I can tell, it sounds like you have some MIDI files that for some reason are placing two different instruments on the same MIDI channel? Is the program you are using to create your MIDI files not flexible enough to use different channels as would be the norm? If not, then I'd recommend just adding a new instrument in MuseScore and copying and pasting the second staff of the first instrument there. Or maybe I'm still not understanding, and I definitely don't know what you mean about voices, which is why an example would still help.

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musescore does channel to staves and not track to staves (independent of MIDI channel). as you can see in the image I attached 4 years ago Finale gives you the option to choose. I believe that all modern DAWs (definitely Logic Pro X) need this possibility. If the programmers of Finale gave this possibility I think there's a good reason, right?

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