Mid-measure barlines are not exported to musicxml

• Jan 11, 2019 - 04:51
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See original discussion in https://musescore.org/en/node/281471.


In measure 1 I have selected the first note after the barline and double clicked the appropriate barline. This is not exported to musicxml at all.

In measure 2, I have press ctrl+drag the same dotted barlines as measure 1. The measure split as hhpmusic requested, but the barlines are solid.

In measure 3, I have used measure 2, selected each measure section and double clicked the dotted barlines. The barlines are now displayed correctly and the measures are split.

The expectation is that the first method should export properly to xml and indicate that the measure has been split x2 then x3 and so on. Measures 2 & 3 is a different bug which I'll report later.


Title Dotted barlines are not exported to musicxml Mid-measure barlines are not exported to musicxml

So, if I am understanding correctly, it's not about dotted barlines specifically, but mid-measure barlines in general? I get the same result if I add normal barlines midmeasure. And as far as I can tell, this is not a regression, they aren't exported in 2.3.2 either. I'm not understanding the bug in measure 2 & 3 - they look good to me. Is there a separate report for those?

This bug is about inserting the mid measure barlines as is often done in music that has long measures. These barlines are dotted to indicate they do not actually split the measure, and are normally only shown on some of the instruments with a complex group of notes.

Further explanation: I remember seeing this in some 7/4 measures. The dotted barlines are included to help the musician keep track of beats in the measure. Other instruments with measure rests or double dotted whole notes in these measures show no indication that these barlines exist in other parts. For instruments with a measure rest there will be one measure rest not a 4 beat followed by a 3 beat rest.

Measures 2 & 3 are either explained somewhere else or we decided there is no bug. I'll comment on any other existing bug reports.

OK. To be clear, although it is indeed common to use dots when inserting mid-measure barlines, it's not the dots that trigger the lack of export. Dotted or normal, doesn't matter - mid-measure barlines don't export period, not in 2.3.2, not in 3.0. That's why I changed the title.

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