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• Jan 10, 2019 - 18:21

I have got MuseScore 3 installed and I was wondering if there was a way to playback the chords shown on the atatched score? I am a beginners in writing and reading the notes. I was told there is a plug-in which playbacks the chords shown? I have tried a few plugins but it just didn't work. One crashed the software when I cliecked OK, the other just didn't do anything.
Please could you recommend the best plugi-in and tell me which version of MuseScore I should use?
Many thanks.


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Thanks, looking at this it says compatibility version 2. so should I download and use version 2.0 or would 2.3.2 be ok? To be honest I have sepnt several hours trying to get this to work using various plug-ins and different versions of MuseScore so would be great if I can get some solid help which we are sure it will work.

Besides the question of correct Musescore versions, it might be interesting to point out that Musescore does not have the capability to generate sounds from chord symbols, in neither version. I'm also not aware of any pluging that could do it. I already wrote a feature request on exactly that topic last year

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The plug-in has a "rhythm pattern" feature.

I don't see that in the v3.5rc that I just downloaded.

Am I missing something?

I'm arranging a waltz right now. There might be one chord symbol per 4-bar phrase. Ideally I'd like to hear "Um cha cha Um cha cha Um cha cha Um cha cha" as a realization of that chord symbol.

(I realize this is an old thread - apologies if late response causes any inconvenience)

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