Can´t "ctrl+shift +uparrow" tied notes

• Jan 10, 2019 - 16:24

I recently had a problem concerning two tied notes which I wanted to be written in T.C. instead of B.C.

The tie stays in the B.C. stave.

Adjusting ist manually worked, but saving the score seems to reset the manual adjustment.
Like as if I used "ctrl + r" the position will be resetted to the "buggy?" - one admist the staves.

Update: Adjusting doesn´t work in both of my two cases. In the first line of the piece I still can manullay drag and drop the tie. On page 2 everytime I want to drop the tie the space between the staves widens as if there was a linebreak.

The tie got lost somewhere halfway in between the two staves of my piano score. I can redo this action as often as I want. The space dividing the right hand stave and the left hand stave will grow larger, but the tie always snaps back to somewhere inside this space.

Don´t know if this is inteded to be like this, or if it´s a bug.

I just wanted to report this, for it´ d be nice if there was a workaround or something working.



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