Deleting first couple of (empty) bars, it also delete Tempo and Clefs

• Jan 9, 2019 - 16:08

If I delete those empty bars showed on the pic, the flats disappears and both staves goes to Violin clef

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Only thing I can confirm with that score is that the bottom staff changes to treble clef, key sig (the flats) stay put (but adjust to the clef of course). But that does happen with 3.0 and the latest development builds, so back to my initial reply: please enter this into the issue tracker

That score had been last saved with 96c1f7b, which is the RC, not the final release, did you upgrade to that?

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The score was imported and the instrument in musicxml defined the staves as both being treble clef. When you delete the first measure that contains a clef change, the clef is deleted with it.

The tempo is text attached to the first note/rest of the score and is deleted with the measures also. This is something that might need to be reconsidered when deleting the first measure of a score.

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The final release didn't do that, just from beta to beta to RC, so you need to install the final version yourself and better do it now, else it would not notify you of 3.0.1 which is due shortly.
The tempo disappears by design, although we might be able to special case tempo on 1st measure.

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MuseScore encourages users to download and try the beta, with an update experience.
The fact these users are prompted to get a new version of the beta everytime there is one, but that after that when it is released the function"check update" says no update available while there is clearly one (the release) can only be "strange".

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