Select a Rest on the same position of a note is impossible

• Jan 9, 2019 - 15:20

As you can see from the pic, selecting the bar shows all the contents but if you unselect the bar ad you try to select the "half note" green rest, you can't make it. You always gonna select the "1quarter" note, no matter how much you zoom in.

Is there any way I'm missing?

v., MacOs HighSierra


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It is a bit fidly, but usually I get it to work, need to click a litte outside the rest, but still within the configured proximity, at the same time far enough from the note

If you can't click the correct item, click something next to it in the same voice and use an arrow to get to the correct item.

There have been proposals and discussions on fixing this issue, but there are many things that still need fixed. Hopefully this will be addressed at some point. I don't remember the title of the discussion in the issue tracker, all of my searches resulted in too many results to sort through.

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