how to keep melody line from changing note value when lyric lines have different numbers of syllables?

• Jan 8, 2019 - 23:49

I've written a lullabye to frame and give as a gift. It's not a complete score, just a melody line with three verses and 3 choruses. The melody line with first verse works fine. However, some of the lyrics in verses 2 and 3 don't have exactly the same number of syllables. (When it is sung, the singer may have to use grace notes or triplets.) When I try to put spaces between the words, it alters the note values. The only way I can make it work is to runwordstogether (like that) to make them keep basic melody the same.

Is there a way to "freeze" the melody line so I could put spaces between the runtogether words?
How do I put the spaces in the currently run together words?

Can I stick in grace notes the score when they may only affect one verse? if so, how do I do it?

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In the attached file, I have shown a way to do this in measure 26.

I entered notes into voice 2 (see for an explanation). I then made the notes small using the chord section of the inspector. I also made them not play in the inspector. I then deleted the words that were squashedtogether and reentered them into verse 3 in voice 2 by first selecting a voice 2 note and pressing ctrl+L then pressing enter twice.

This is not the only way to allow for alternate words. I won't be surprised if you are given other alternatives.

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Thanks for the quick response.I see your results, but I am tearing my hair out on this one. Can't seem to go back and forth between voice 1 and 2 without either words from other lines disappearing or notation changing. Then too there's the problem with "leavings" from quarter note rests in the same spot where notes should be. I try using the arrow that takes me back to the last change (over and over) till I get back to the beginning, but I can't seem to get to the beginning of voice 2 and start over fresh. Sigh. Will shut it down tonight and attack it again tomorrow.

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Taking a break for the night it probably a good idea. In the morning start fresh. When you do, try to replicate what I did with my instructions, and read the section in the handbook on voices. It will help you understand how to enter the notes of different durations. The only things I didn't mention was that I selected the extra voice 2 rests and made them invisible, and I also selected the tie that will turn upside down and pressed x to fix it. Once you repeat what I did, you will start to understand how to do it yourself in similar situations.

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Thanks for all this help. I will try learn how to use it with future projects, but since my time is short, I took the easy way out and had my music pastor help me notate it all in the first voice. (It just got too messy when I was trying to go back and forth between voices.)

Now my question is, how can I eliminate the extra measure at the end make measure 32 the final measure of the piece?

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Hooray! it Worked!!!! Thanks you so much for all your help. Part of my problem is I don't understand the terms used in the handbook and in the menus on the screen. I'm sure when I have time to actually read the whole handbook, things will make themselves clear. In the mean time, you have been a life-saver. I didn't realize I would have a real person answer me so quickly. ( Now on to trying to add some water-color grapevine trim to jazz up two corners before the shower.) Again, many thanks! Jan

mike320 explained the professional solution to the problem.
For a quick and dirty solution (and to answer your question: How do I put the spaces ...) see handbook, section Lyrics, Character space: Ctrl+Space or even Elision (Lyric) slur / Synalepha.

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