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• Jan 7, 2019 - 21:13
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I've run into this several times now. I create a plugin (might be as simple as duplicating and renaming a working one) that shows in the plugin manager, but even after reloading plugins or restarting MuseScore, it doesn't show in the plugin menu. (I think) the workaround is to quit MuseScore, take the plugin completely out of the plugin folder, restart MuseScore without the plugin that isn't showing, drag the plugin back into the plugin folder and use the plugin manager to reload plugins.

I haven't been able to figure out why some of my new plugins behave like this.

Mac OS 10.10.2


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It's not the plugin per se, because (as mentioned in the OP) a) it's multiple plug-ins and b) if I drag an offending plugin out of the plugin folder, quit MuseScore, relaunch MuseScore without the offender and drag the same plugin back in and reload it with the plugin manager, things are OK. It's something to do with how and when the plugin gets to the plugin folder in the first place.
EDIT: I'm now pretty sure the problem has to do with trying to create a duplicate plugin while MuseScore2 is open. The plugin manager seems to get confused when I do that. I made several tests with a working plugin and the only thing I changed was the plugin name (and menupath). It's easier to try it yourself than for me to exp;ain, but I tried both saving my duplicate plugin in the plugin folder and saving the duplicate plugin to my desktop, dragging it into the plugin folder while MuseScore was open and reloading. Neither worked as expected. Bottom line, if you duplicate a plugin with a text editor, you have to close and relaunch MuseScore for the new plugin to be reliably handled by the plugin manager.
I'm not planning to update my OS soon, so can't test in MuseScore3.

Reported version 2.3  

I'm having this same issue. I'm using MuseScore 3 on my Mac (macOS Mojave 10.14), and I don't even have MuseScore 2 on my computer (I never had it, as I just barely started using MuseScore, so I downloaded the most recent version). Anyway, I know how to download plugins and where to save them. They will appear in my plugin manager, but even if I have them enabled (checked), they don't show up in the plugins menu, so I can't run them. There is only one plugin that works/shows up and it's "createscore."
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, along with force-quitting the app. But nothing has made a difference. Is this just a bug with version 3.0? It seems like maybe that's what Jojo was saying...?

Which plugins? I am able to see several in my Plugins menu after enabling them. Note that some put themselves into submenus. Also, try the "Reload" button in the Pugin Manager.

All plugins that have been ported to MuseScore 3 (i.e. are tagged as such in the plugin repository) should work in MuseScore 3.0.2 on Mac and Linux. Most won't won't on Windows though, there wait for MuseScore 3.0.3.

4 of the built-in plugins are not appearing on Linux.

Three are still using "import MuseScore 1.0" instead of "import MuseScore 3.0":

  • scorelist.qml
  • view.qml
  • helloqml.qml

The other one is "run.qml". This one correctly imports MuseScore 3.0 but running it gives the error "QProcess is not a type". This could possibly be fixed via an import. I tried the obvious ones like "import QProcess" and "import QtQuick.QProcess" but nothing worked. Searching online shows that QML most likely doesn't support running external commands, so that is something that would need to be exposed via the MuseScore plugin API rather than given to us "for free" by Qt. If we did want to expose this then there should probably be a security warning whenever a plugin tries to run an external command:

"The plugin run.qml is trying to run an external program. This may be a security risk. Would you like to proceed? Yes / No"

The dialog could also show the name of the command being run and it's arguments, and give the option to always trust the plugin, or always trust the particular command being run.

/Users/admin/Desktop/chordIdentifierPopJazz.qml certainly is not the plugins directory. Check the handbook link I gave above. And in case of further problems open a forum topic rather than this old and closed issue

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Reported version 3.6

I am having this same issue in Windows using MuseScore 3.6. It was working fine for quite a while when I was editing a plugin and testing the functionality. Then MuseScore stopped recognizing plugins in the folder. I have to constantly delete the files and restart MuseScore. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to help very much.

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Reported version 3.6  

Certainly a different issue. Pleadse usae the forum first and name the plugin there

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