Vanishing beams and other display issues when moving notes between staves (v3)

• Jan 5, 2019 - 18:38

When moving notes from one staff to the other using CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW I'm finding that everything goes wonky (in v3).
The score is here and the issues are seen in mov't IV e.g. bars 8 and 15. However I'm going to keep trying to fix things, so those references may change. Here's images:
Tranchell_Sonatina_for_Pianoforte_1.0_1.png Tranchell_Sonatina_for_Pianoforte_1.0_2.png

Am I doing things wrong, or is this v3 bugginess?


In the bars:
7.8, extending the stem increases the spacing and does not join the upper one. I have inserted lines, disabled automatic placement and reduced the thickness to 0.10sp;
46, 47, 48, impossible to connect the beams of the left hand on the upper stave. I have inserted Voice 2 in my right hand;
61, 62 as for 7, 8;
The bugs will be fixed sooner or later, but I've been struggling a lot. The new anti-collision system creates some problems in particular cases.

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