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• Jan 5, 2019 - 09:46

Dear Friends,

I have a question/problem with Drum Notation.
I'm importing XML files from GM drum kit performances
(c2 = bass drum, c#2 = side stick, d2 = snare, f#2 = hihat, etc...).

I'm doing this steps:

1) save my performance in Music XML from another program (sequencer, etc)
2) I open the XML in Musescore
3) copy the notes of XML to clipboard
4) paste over a blank drumset staff (Perc. 5-line staff)
5) edit the Drumset according to a drum key if necessary

Everthing is fine, except:

The sharps and flats from the midi performace are still in the score.

For example:
The sidestick (a midi note c#2, is correctly mapped to the 3rd space of the percussion staff (like a E3 of the bass clef) but it still have a sharp accidental before.

A possible workaround is to select all the sharps and flats and hide them pressing V, but they still are there.

There is any other way to do this? Or can the Edit Drumset correct this behaviour ? Maybe a plugin to correct ?
Actually, hiding is ok, but you can see the sharps greyed out and I was planning to make a screen recording directly in musescore for pedagogical stuff.

Any suggestions are welcome !
Thank you for this great piece of software.


I have had a similar problem, not the same though, but maybe my solution will work for you.
When I import from MIDI files, sometimes the sharps remain in the drum part.
All I do is arrow key up and then down once which transposes everything up a 'note' then back down.
The sharps then disappear.
Try it. If that doesn't work you will have to wait for someone else's advice.

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Thank you. I was planning to play the score back to my Daw while doing a screencast, so if I change the note with tje arrow it will play a different sound on the drum kit. But, I think I can use a midi filter in my daw for filter remapping the drum kit.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

Best, Julio

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