Drum Pallet HELP

• Jan 4, 2019 - 15:32

I'm trying to replicate a piece that my orchestra is playing, and it requires a bell tree in the drumset part. Is there a way that iI can add a bell tree to the Drum Set part? I've tried looking at the Edit Pallet but I couldn't find anything in terms of adding new aux parts


Following. I have a piece that requires bamboo windchimes (that part mentioned in 2.x), but it uses a sandblock sound instead! So much to put into music -- I am only now learning about new soundfiles for MuseScore -- now in 3.0.

In note entry mode: edit drumset; bell tree is note # 84.
Name it and give it a note placement and shape.
Note that there are a lot more drum sounds than are actually used in MuseScore standard kits.

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