Deleting measures in Musescore 3

• Jan 4, 2019 - 01:11

I set up a score with a large number of measures. As I enter sections I want to delete unused measures. In version 2, I'd select the unwanted measures and simply use the delete option in the edit menu, which had options to deleted selected measures. This seems to be missing in version 3. So how do I delete them now. It seems like I can;t even delete one measure now. It should be possible,


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Do we have the "risk" to delete 3 measures and a half with Timewise delete (when 3 measures and a half were selected of course) ?
That's fine if that what one wants to do, but if one only wants to do delete "full" measures, wasn't the old option "delete meausre(s)" saver ?
In that case this option should come back, in addition to the new Timewise delete.
I could be wrong, I doesn't have MuseScore available right now to test it.

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Because there is the eternal desire to baffle the average person?

This timewise delete is obviously confusing to people as people expressed their concerns over before 3.0 was released. We haven't yet started getting people asking why their measures aren't short, thankfully, but timewise delete means nothing if you don't know what it is. Delete selected measure(s) should be an option and only delete whole measures, not partial measures as well. IMHO, timewise delete should be renamed something similar to "delete selected beats," this would be meaningful.

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I agree with this. I came here to post this same thread. I had a keyboard shortcut ctrl+del mapped to delete selected measures in Musescore 2. When 3 came out I copied over my shortcuts.xml file for 3 (I feel bad for people who don't know you can do this!). I noticed my ctrl+del was missing, and that when I went to reenter it "Delete selected measures" no longer had a way to map shortcuts AND that it disappeared from the context menu when I selected more than one measure. I saw "timewise delete" in the shortcuts list but had no earthly clue what that meant. I suppose I could have consulted the manual or the changelog, but I assumed that one of my most used features had simply lost its flexibility. Good to know that's not the case. "Delete selected beats" indeed would be a better name. Now that I know you can delete parts of measures to effectively change the time signature briefly, that's pretty neat, but "timewise" wasn't a clear name for this feature at all.

Btw, in the attached screenshot, the keyboard shortcut mapped was not carried over from 2 even though I copied the shortcuts.xml from the local appdata over. I had to re-assert it manually.

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I had to Google to get to this page to find out something so basic as deleting measures.
On top of what Mike said, if one insists on confronting the user with 3 different menu options to remove something (Edit-Cut, Edit-Delete, Tools-Timewise Delete), it would be good to put them in the same menu beneath each other.

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In my latest version (, Revision 43c5553) on a Mac, there is no "timewise" anywhere I've looked, nor a "Remove Selected Range" that will actually remove anything. I assume then, that the latest version is buggy and I need to go back to an older one? Why did anyone remove something as obvious and simple and necessary as "remove a measure"....?

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if you right click (ctrl+click on a Mac?) what you want to get rid of, you will see the option to Remove Selected Range with it's shortcut listed next to that. My shortcut is ctrl+Del it might be different on a Mac.

Edit: I realized this has been moved to the Tools menu as well.

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Well, you can do that. Select the measure and hit DELETE and MuseScore deletes the content of the measure leaving a measure rest behind.

And, if you hold CTRL (CMD on a MAC) and hit DELETE it removes the whole measure.

I find I need the first operation more often than the second but both are just a key press away.

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I too delete contents of measure far more often than deleting entire measures - probably by a factor of ten at least.

But if any individual user finds they actually delete entire measures more than they delete their contents, you're welcome to redefine the keyboard shortcuts in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.

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