Some bugs of MuseScore 3.0

• Jan 3, 2019 - 16:04

I am an MD and amateur composer with significant experience in musical scoring software and I want to report some bugs of MuseScore 3.0 I have discovered recently:

1a. The lines of the musical staff aren't numbered from bottom-to-up, BUT from up-to-bottom which isn't correct in music: all the musical pedagogy uses this bottom-up numbering. I have discovered this bug by selecting Staff properties - 2 lines staff option, which generates a musical staff with lines of F and D (in treble clef) instead of lines of E and G (considering C as having its own "0th" ledger line).
1b. A flexible elegant way to solve this bug would be actually to let the user choose from a separate menu what lines he exactly wants to use (F, D, B, G or E, in treble clef OR 1st line=E, 2nd line=G, 3rd line=B, 4th line=D and 5th line=F).
1c. Another argument would be that
1d. If this bug would be solved, than MuseScore would be the ideal software to write scores using a modular periodic bilnear staff (MPBS) which I promote from some time (I was partially constrained to create my own software called LeadMuse for that purpose). See links below:

  1. When I try to paste a chord symbol on a note in a tuplet, it generates the error "cannot interesect with a tuplet", although this shouldn't be a problem, as any composer should be free to choose any note from a tuplet for a chord change.

  2. When I double-click a word in a text box (from a score), that word isn't automatically selected, although this is an almost universal (and very useful and time-sparing!) feature of any text editor.

  3. When I choose the text of a chord symbol and try to BOLD it, the text of that chord disappears. I think it would be a useful feature to let the composer/writer/teacher choose some chord symbols to be emphasized with bold or even underline if necessary for him.

I also want to report some potentially useful updates of future MuseScore versions:

  1. When any object from the score is selected, the specific palette of options (corresponding to that object) to be automatically opened (concomitantly with closing all the other palettes)
  2. To let the user customize what options to appear in each palette of the "Basic workshop" (accordingly to what objects each one uses most often).
  3. To let the user choose manually (by selecting a measure from a score and dragging it closer or more distant from an adjacent staff) the staff spacing between any two chosen adjacent musical staves.


There were many comments in this thread were many users brought additional arguments for numbering staff lines from bottom to up (and NOT vice-versa) with repercussions on what lines are kept when choosing staff with less than 5 lines. I wonder were did all those comments disappear?

Despite all the arguments, Mr. Marc Sabatella wasn’t convinced and didn’t consider necessary to correct this anomaly (incongruence with the Western technical music literature on staff notation rules, including line numbering): that is why this acute problem/bug still perpetuates in the current version of MuseScore 3.

Thank you in advance for answering this issue!


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