MS3 bad beaming - bug? (or user error!?)

• Jan 1, 2019 - 23:06

MS 3.0 I cannot get the beaming right in a bar. ms3_bad_beaming.PNG
I'm talking about the final beat RH where the beaming should be same as first beat.
I cannot spot any particular cause. The score is here in draft
and it's bar 32 of the second section.


Without looking at the score I would bet you need the unconnected chord to have a start beaming in stead of no beaming option.

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I think I've tried all the obvious combinations. It's correct in every other bar!
Not sure whether relevant, but I'm also noticing some odd visuals effects with beaming in MS3 - sometimes beaming vanishes entirely, e.g. when swap semiquavers between staves with CTRL+SHIFT+Arrow

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After looking at the score I find it's a combination of bug and user error. The first beam in the next measure is set to Middle rather than Start and is affecting the layout. This, by the way, is about a 7 year old bug that no one has been able to squash.

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