Regression - Ctrl+click outside the staff loses selection

• Dec 31, 2018 - 13:28
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P1 - High
S3 - Major

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: cf1f5ce

1) Default score
2) Enter some notes -> Exit note input mode
3) Select/click some of them, as you want, by holding down Ctrl

Expected result if clicking outside the notehead (or rather on both sides of the staff): the previous selection remains highlighted

Current result: the selection is lost (as the feeling to return a few years back when this essential feature was not yet implemented!) :(


Title Regression - Selecting list of elements by holdind down Ctrl is broken Ctrl+click empty space in score loses selection

I'm not quite understanding, Ctrl+click seem to work fine for me. If I Ctrl+click a note, it gets added to the selection. If I Ctrl+click some empty space, everything gets deselected, which is indeed what I expect. But I guess 2.3.2 didn't work that way when you Ctrl+click an empty space - it doesn't deselect everything? To me, that is a bug, but I do vaguely recall there being discussion that it was too easy to do that accidentally, so I guess we changed it to not do that. So yes, losing that particular behavior is bug, but still, Ctrl+click does work normally when used in the normal way, right? Or are you saying it fails even when used normally (not to Ctrl+click an empty space)?

I've changed the title to reflect what I think you are saying, and what I am seeing.

Title Ctrl+click empty space in score loses selection Regression - Ctrl+click outside the staff loses selection

See: (of course, first test was done with the 2.3.2, and not 2.0.3, sort of 3.0 inversed I guess!) :)


IIRC, the timeline functionality was built around this Ctrl+click deselection. However, that was at the measure level, not the note level. Can someone confirm if it is supposed to happen at the measure, note level, or both?

I did look at the behavior of Ctrl+click on a measure, it's kind of flaky actually. Ctrl+click a measure with nothing selects it, Ctrl+click a measure that is already selected deselects it, sure, but Ctrl+click a measure if a range selection exists that is anything but exactly that measure just loses the selection. So, select one measure, Ctrl+click another, loses the selection. Given that it's not really going to "work" in the sense someone might actually want (a discontiguous range selection - maybe someday!), and Joshua expressed some concern about behavior of Ctrl+click on a measure, I chose to leave that alone.