How should tours look?

• Dec 31, 2018 - 06:30

The original feature tours were simply message box, providing text, a check box, and some buttons to navigate. However, different OS caused the buttons to be placed incorrectly. It was decided that QWizard should be tried. QWizard is also used for the startup config questions as well as new score creation. While switching over, a few questions arose:

  1. A QWizard tends to stay in one place. This makes it easier to click through. However, the tours currently move near the highlighted items. This is similar to mobile apps and some website feature tours but not across the board. Should the wizard stay in the same place (center of the screen) or move around to be near the items?

  2. QWizard provides a bunch of extra functionality. Adding pictures, gifs, backgrounds, logos, etc. I think this would be useful to take advantage of, but a general system must be determined. In my changes, the tours look like this:
    Screenshot from 2018-12-30 21-29-43.png .
    It is missing a checkbox and some items are in strange places, but this is the standard size of the box. Should it be reduced in size? How should the elements be placed in the wizard? Here is an image for reference:
    Basically all the elements in the example are optional, the only thing set is the buttons. Anything not pointed to is a layout created by me, while other elements are predetermined.

Thanks for your input!


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