When inputting notes, inputting a new note causes deletion of last-inputted note in special cases. Why?

• Dec 29, 2018 - 18:26

First, let me apologize in advance because I'm sure this has been addressed in a different thread since it's probably something lots of users have encountered (and probably has a simple solution). I just can't find it by searching for every keyword I could think of. Please point me to a thread where the issue has been resolved if there is one...

I took a 30-sec screen recording to show what's happening:

I'm inputting notes via MIDI keyboard, changing durations using number keys (6 for half notes, etc.), and adding dots with the "." key.

Everything is going smoothly until I try to enter the first note of the second bar of editing in the video - the whole note G following the eighth note G that ended the previous bar. When I enter the note by playing G on the MIDI keyboard, the eighth note G I had just entered changes to a rest (i.e. gets deleted).

This is the only place in the score where this has happened and I'm not sure what's causing it. In all other bars of notes I've entered, none of the notes has gotten deleted when the following note is inputted.

I've ruled out the possibility that this could be caused by playing the G key on the MIDI keyboard too quickly in succession for the two notes by leaving a good 3 seconds between playing the first G and second G (while also changing the duration).

Would appreciate your guidance on where I could find an explanation/solution, thanks!


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