Palette transfer and adjusting.

• Dec 27, 2018 - 19:45

After all the work to create a set of palettes that allows me to work as quickly as possible, MuseScore 3.0 forces me to do it again but not as easily.

First: there is no mass palette save in 2.x ... forcing me to save every individual palette. In my case this was 18 palettes that I had to type in names for, as MuseScore 2.x didn't provide a name for the palette (or provided the name of the previously saved palette).

Then, Musescore 3.0 requires me to insert each of my created palettes individually and then I can delete the original palette. That is 18 insert palettes, and more delete palettes, as some palettes I do not use.

THEN, the palettes are shown as empty or with the wrong symbols. See the Accidentals example. 3.0 shows no accidentals in the palette and shows brackets instead of curved parentheses.

To create and adjust a palette in 2.x, you dragged and dropped to reorder and cleared symbols not in use. In 3.0, to place the symbols in the order you desire, you must delete all the symbols and then add them one by one from the master palette in the order with which you want to see them.

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