[Feedback form] Plugins don't work (the list of requests)

• Dec 27, 2018 - 12:11
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"plugin NOTENAMES does not work in version 3"


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Thanks for the feedback.
Well now (after hours of try&error to get some plugins running unter MS 3.0) I see some critical functions like newElement() or newScore() are under construction.
Plugins are an important part ,if they are not working I won't consider the released as stable.
But currently Musescore 3.0 is released like that and offered as default download option.
Is that by accident or what's the intention behind this?

... and yes that's the first time I looked into the code.

// newScore

Score* QmlPlugin::newScore(const QString& /name/, const QString& /part/, int /measures/)
#if 0 // TODO
if (msc->currentScore())
.... score->startCmd();
return score;
return 0;

Hmm silently commenting out code via the #Precompiler.
What about adding some small 'fence' to the 'construction site' like:

MsgNotImplementedYet( " is currently under Construction", "QmlPlugin::newScore","mscore/qmlplugin.cpp" );
// ^- feel free to elaborate this; that's just an inspiration to get the idea
#if 0 // TODO

It won't hurt much, but helps so no one literally stumbles in there without noticing.

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My understanding is that the plan is to have plugins working about a month after release of 3.0 and that's what I've been telling people. People are content with this, but many people including myself rely on other plugins that are not part of the actual release.

Title [Feedback form] plugin NOTENAMES does not work [Feedback form] Plugins don't work (the list of requests)
Priority P1 - High P0 - Critical

There is a request about "Chordidentifier" Plugin in the feedback form.

I suggest there be a comment on the download page, at leat in the release notes, that the plugin function is still under construction in the official release of Musescore 3, Or better yet, have a message pop up when someone tries to run a plugin.

If version 2.3.2 is used again and we want to IMPORT and convert a PDF score from this version, it does, but it can not be edited with version 2.3.2; error or file defective.
In version 3.0 I miss the function of the Name Notes plugins; notes that appear below the chosen staff and that you can modify its size, font and horizontal or vertical position. In the new version the name of the notes appear inside the heads of the notes; It's ugly and you do not see it in the scores. Will there be a solution for this function so desired by musicians in learning? Thank you.

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