Menu icons Musescore Beta 3

• Dec 23, 2018 - 10:43

Can you please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please... swap the menu icons of MuseScore 3 Beta for those of version 2? Especially the save icon is creepy! What type of floppy disk is this? The front of the 3.5" disk is usually the default save icon. The hole is not in the middle, the disk would have a massive unbalance ;-) In addition, the icons vary in height (play triangle is larger than rewind triangle). The star is more common for new documents than the plus sign. The circling arrows look like recycling.
By the way, I'm not a fan of the current black-and-white trend for symbols in open source projects. Somehow Apple (gray in gray... yawn) and Adobe have shown the way and everyone now seems to think that colorless applications look more professional. Color is an important differentiator. Why can people perceive colors? Sorry for my constant complaining... as I said, if black and white then please, please the one of version 2. Fortunately Musecsore doesn't have so many icons, you can just bear the colorlessness. It would be great if you had themes. But I know there are more urgent things.


Themes ... Edit > Preferences > General
Not a lot of options, (Light or dark) but you can choose which makes the icons most visible/appealing to you.

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This possibility was also available in version 2 and of course you can make the icons very tiny, almost invisible small ;-)
Again a better design would be nice and the choice between black and white and color. Maybe with the same shape, then there is definitely no problem with the manual. Could also imagine some more menu icons e.g. for Settings, Play Panel, Mixer, Style, Page Settings, Play Panel, Mixer, Style, Page Settings, Keyboard, Transpose etc. For mouse access this would be handy.

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