Full Percussion Note List?

• Dec 22, 2018 - 16:03

My curiosity has been sparked, and now I'd like to know if there is a comprehensive list of each percussion note. If that's confusing, I'll give an example. This list would say, "Sleigh Bells-#83" or something like that. If someone could link a list or, if you're crazy enough, list all of them yourself, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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...and beyond GM there are a few, including the sleigh bells originally asked about.
27 High Q
28 Slap
29 Scratch Push
30 Scratch Pull
31 Sticks
32 Square Click
33 Metronome Click
34 Metronome Bell
82 Shaker
83 Jingle Bell
84 Belltree
85 Castanets
86 Mute Surdo
87 Open Surdo
(not that adventurous, by the way... google search, copy, paste)

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