Disable anti-aliasing for UI in MuseScore 3 (oh, and increase font size, too)

• Dec 22, 2018 - 11:59

Hello everyone

I'm trying out MuseScore 3 and I must say I'm impressed with the on-screen anti-aliasing on the scores. I dislike it on the UI, though. It makes the text look blurry. In addition, the font size in the UI is smaller than in MuseScore 2.3.2, making it even harder to read. Is there a way to disable anti-aliasing on the UI and/or to increase the font size in the UI? In the coming year I'll be upgrading from FullHD to 2K, so the UI text will become even smaller.


MuseScore 2.3.2 -- nice and legible:

musescore 2 image.png

MuseScore 3 -- blurry and puny:

musescore 3 image.png


In theory we get the font settings from the OS but it doesn't always work as expected since there are so many different settings provided by different OS's. So, go to Edit / Preferences and you can override this.

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Well, the solution is to use version 2, not version 3. It's actually that simple. :-)

I see (in the press releases etc) that there's a whole host of new features in version 3, but I wonder if it's possible to just continue to use version 2, and then load the file in version 3 in the end and use the extra features to effect some extra pizzaz to it. I haven't tried it, of course.

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It's certainly possible to continue using MuseScore 2, but most of the advantages of MuseScore 3 come in the regular day to day use, not just in throwing on some extra polish at the end. So you doom yourself to spending far longer creating your scores than necessary, because you miss out on the performance improvements, automatic layout, and other features you'd otherwise be to take advantage of on an ongoing basis.

If you are saying the fonts on your system don't render well at the default size, did you try different fonts or different sizes? There should be far better options than passing up on the amazing improvements in MuseScore 3!

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My reply was a teensy tiny bit tongue-in-cheek.

I'm using Windows 7, so I can't control the system font used in individual programs (perhaps that is possible under Windows 10?). Also, I'm using the Windows Classic theme, so perhaps my particular use-case is just uncommon.

The MuseScore 3 installer uses "normal-looking" fonts (aliased, same size and face as in other windows and the icon text on my desktop and my start menu/taskbar), but the program MuseScore 3 itself uses that tiny anti-aliased font.

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I use Musescore's own export function (not an external printer driver).

I think it may export the notes and symbols as SVG or Postscript in case of "on" (default), and convert it to picture in case of "off" (commented). Texts remains as text.

Because I can select symbols and notes in case of "on". But this is not possible in the case of "off" (in the PDF viewer).*1

*1 I'm using the Portable version of Sumatra PDF viewer : https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org

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Because I can select symbols and notes in case of "on". But this is not possible in the case of "off" (in the PDF viewer).

Ah yes, which is why software like PDFtoMusic
needs discrete symbols/notes, and Audiveris can work with scanned scores (pictures).

(BTW: I only used an external pdf printer here (instead of MuseScore's pdf export function) for file size comparison.)

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