String Quartet in E flat - II. Andante [WIP]

• Dec 19, 2018 - 15:28

The fourth variation sounds a bit like Bach's BWV 182. I've been listening to too much Bach.

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I would not worry about listening to too much Bach, unless you are running around the neighborhood with a powdered wig on your bean trying to enlist the town folk to pump the bellows for your church organ. This quartet is more reminiscent of Haydn, as is your g minor quartet (which I wish you'd finish), in his middle period (Sturm und Drang period). Bar 14 is so late 18th century, though the influence of Bach shines through as with your other WIPS.

You have absorbed quite a bit from the Baroque and Classical masters in terms of form and counterpoint.

I appreciate, too , your concern for orchestration, by introducing pizzicato in sections, handing the viola a melodic episode (terrific on its A string). Also, I especially like the 2nd violin and viola sharing the line at bar 5.

At the outset, the second violin line is superb counterpoint. The sequential structure of the first two bars highlight the naturalized e and a resolutions. The expressive octave drop sets up the same followed by the d natural's resolution, repeated in the viola next bar. Nice!

There is so much to learn from that era.

More to come?

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